Seller Terms

Version 2.1.0

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To offer licenses for a software project through, you must agree to these terms, an addition to the terms of service, for your project. These terms make Artless Devices LLC your agent, with the power to sell licenses on your behalf.

Free Licensing

You agree to license your project to the public for free on your choice of the terms of the standard deal published on at this time, any later version published on, or any new terms published on as an approved free license choice.

License Agent

You appoint Artless Devices your agent to license your project through Artless Devices may license your project to the public under free license terms and sign paid licenses on your behalf. The effects will be the same as if you granted or signed those terms yourself.

License Terms

Artless Devices may only license your project to the public on the terms of the current free paid license terms published on at the time. Artless Devices may only sign paid licenses on your behalf on the terms of the current form paid license published on at the time of each purchase, for the price you set via

Pricing Changes

You may change price through When you change your price, Artless Devices may continue to sell licenses at your old price to customers who began the purchase process before you made your change. However, Artless Devices will use your new price for new purchases going forward.

Forms Changes

Artless Devices may change the standard deal, its form free license, and its form paid license at any time.


You will pay Artless Devices a percentage of the total cost of paid licenses that Artless Devices sells on your behalf, at the rate currently published on the pricing page of, as well as Artless Devices’ payment processor’s fees. Artless Devices will take its commission by instructing the payment processor to deposit the full amount of each to your account, and then transfer back the amount you owe Artless Devices. Other than the payment processor’s fees, Artless Devices will cover its own expenses of offering paid licenses.


You promise that you are legally entitled to grant free and paid licenses for your project, and will be as long as the agency relationship continues. You promise that that you are not breaking any agreement with anyone else by agreeing to these terms.

Ending the Relationship

You may end the agency relationship for the project at any time by retracting your project from sale via Artless Devices may continue to sell licenses to customers who began the purchase process before you retracted your project. Artless Devices may also end the agency relationship at any time.

Not Exclusive

You may license your project on your own, without Artless Devices, and appoint other agents to do so. You will not owe Artless Devices commission on licensing on your own or through other agents.


Artless Devices may advertise and otherwise promote your project and the sale of paid licenses for it, but these terms do not obligate Artless Devices to do so.


Artless Devices may send you e-mail about changes to terms and policies, and about other developments relevant to the agency relationship and more generally.